Leather clothing is a traditional type of clothing, but with the development of the times, leather clothing should also pay attention to the implementation of the concept of environmental protection. The manufacture of leather garments has gone through many stages. From the process of manufacturing these leather garments, we should also strengthen the pursuit of environmental protection in the industrial society and continuously improve the level of these environmental protections. Since the manufacturing process of leather craftsmanship will cause damage to the ecological environment, and the manufacturing process of leather and the production process will also cause pollution problems. Therefore, on the basis of the current development of modern industry, the further implementation of the environmental protection concept of leather craftsmanship can realize industrial and environmental protection. harmonious development. Clothing and leather design are also inseparable from environmental protection design concepts and production processes. Whether it is making leather shoes or bags, environmental protection concepts and leather process manufacturing should be fully integrated, so that the modern leather industry will gradually move towards sustainable development. the road.

In the leather manufacturing process, the environmental protection design concept is the most important link, and the environmental protection design concept is also the soul of the entire product. In the manufacturing process of the product, the designer must not only consider the aesthetics and design style, but also infiltrate the concept of environmental protection according to the function of the product. Production enterprises should strictly implement production responsibilities and establish a high environmental protection concept. For example, in the production process of leather clothing, green and environmental protection product design concepts must be adopted, and some green leather materials must be used to reduce environmental pollution and resources. waste. Some recycled leather products or synthetic leather products can be used to reduce the use of whole leather, and the external functions of leather clothing can be continuously expanded.

Simplify some design processes and reduce the consumption of the entire leather apparel. In addition, the production process of leather can also simplify other materials, or use some recyclable materials and use the same functional structure to reduce unnecessary waste of the entire leather material. Finally, in the process of using the entire leather material, we should pay attention to the overall coordination and the environmental protection of the leather material, and find an environmentally friendly design method for the entire leather clothing, so that the audience can also feel the impact of this environmental protection concept.