I’m a Mommy of Boys

It’s my life, filled with Legos, loud noise, boys and their toys.  I hope you stay a while!

MochaMoB.com is a place for Tiara’s, combat boots, blocks, stiletto’s, Lego’s and Mommy’s of Boys to, sit relax and stay calm!

Stop by often to hang out or check out what’s going on in the world of a Mommy of Boys. Occasionally, you may find research and recommendations from expert mommy’s and professionals along with a truck load of wisdom, inspiration, support and enlightenment (W.I.S.E.). After all, a WISE mom is not smarter than you, she just has friends with wine. Be reminded, this is a judgeAdvertise on Mocha MoB free zone. No one cares if your house is cluttered with Legos, you car with Happy Meal containers or your handbag with last weeks snacks–Welcome! Make yourself at home.

Here you will find: tips, tools and all things cool as it relates to rearing, raising and relating to boys.

A happy place where Mommy’s of Boys gather to sip, see and learn how to mend a scraped knee!


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